jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2008

Message for President Obama

Dear president,

Now I can call you president. President of the United Estates of America. I trust you. I am sure that you must be a good man. It's impossible to not be a good man with your bright smile. I would love you even if you weren't black, but specially because you are. I'm sure that you will go all out to keep your commitment with your people and the rest of the world. I hope so.
I was moved by your words when I heard you yesterday (six o'clock a.m. in Barcelona, Spain), giving your speech. I felt your words were true and I agreed with them.
You know that our president hasn't got very good relationships with Mr. George Bush, because Mr. José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (yeah, too long this name) thought, as most of the Spanish people, that Irak war was an illegal war, so he had to order Spanish soldiers to come back home. I'm sure that everything will be different with you, cause I know you do understand our reasons to do what we did, and I'm sure you will never invade a country for oil and arms manufacturers interest.
If you work hard to achieve all
the goals you promised,
I promise that
I will always walk beside you
Wherever you are
Whatever it takes
No matter how far
Through all the may come
And all that may go
I'll walk beside you, president.
I do agree with your words but most specially with those that say:
This victory itself is not the change we are looking for. It's only the opportunity for us to do that change.
Come on president. Let's go.

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